Placer Greenhouse features Solexx Greenhouse Kits And Covering Material and Greenhouse accessories.

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Click on "Greenhouse Kits" for an overview of the kits and material then search the individual kit styles for more definitive information and pricing for different models and styles that are available.
Click on "Accessories" and you will find all the ventilation, heat and cooling, lighting and other accessories that you may find necessary for effective greenhouse use. Remember you are creating your own environment within a greenhouse, you'll want to make everything as comfortable as possible.

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Placer Greenhouse features Solexx™ Greenhouse Kits and Solexx™ covering material.

We've learned from experience that Solexx is one of the best greenhouse covering materials on the market today. We hope to show you why as you inquire through our website.

Whether your a commercial grower, an avid gardener or a hobbyist the Solexx™ glazing or greenhouse kits are surely worth your consideration.​

Click on "Solexx and Coverings" for information about the outstanding properties of Solexx greenhouse glazing. Here you will also find how to use Solexx for custom projects. We also have information on other coverings that we offer but are only available by special order.