Economy Models 

The Lit'l Propagater

The Lit'l Propagator is a perfect little greenhouse for the garden trainee. It's easy to move, with a small footprint only 4' x'4' x 6' tall. It might even work well on an apartment balcony or small courtyard.

The Lit'l Propagator price is $750.00

Shipping is included in the price.

The Early Bloomer

The Early Bloomer measures 8'-W x 8'-L x 6'3"-H
and the price is $1330.00

Shipping is included in the price.

Accessories that one may want to consider are: base vents, automatic solar vent opener, and shade cloth.
At Placer Greenhouse we always include the tie-down kits as they are an essential item to every installation.

Included with the Propagator:

  • UV-treated PVC framing and connectors
  • Solexx XP™ twin-wall greenhouse covering
  • 24" x 57" door and hardware
  • 2 full length, 12" deep bench frames
  • 2 wire shelves for the bench frames
  • Tie-down kit
Early Bloomer Greenhouses Include:
  • Easy assemble fittings
  • Twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels
  • Large 19" x 30" greenhouse vent assembly
  • 2 hanging rods
  • Deluxe tie-down Kit
  • 10-year warranty

The Early Bloomer Greenhouse is a functional, affordable starter greenhouse kit. Very ideal for tall plants or small trees – the 6’3” height gives you plenty of room to grow your prized plants. The extremely strong base along with the Solexx corrugated plastic greenhouse covering make it sturdy enough to withstand powerful winds.

The lightweight greenhouse is portable, so you can set it right over your backyard garden to get an early start planting seeds and an extended harvest in the fall. Two easy-access hanging rods at a convenient height run the entire length of the greenhouse to overwinter your favorite hanging plants. A large 19” x 30” green house vent assembly is included to help maintain plenty of air circulation for healthy plants.