HN-29 Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 10'$37.80
HN-31Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 12'$50.40
HN-32Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 16'$63.00
HN-33Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 24'$88.20
HN-34Greenhouse Flooring 16' x 16'$100.80
HN-35Greenhouse Flooring 16' x 20'$113.40

Greenhouse essentials listed here are shelving, shade & floor cloths, & tie-down kits.

Greenhouse Essentials

We include the recommended tie-down kits with the greenhouse kits, as it is absolutly essential to have your greenhouse secure in its location. The tie-down kits are available separately as some may wish extra anchoring protection in windy areas. 

HN-198' Side Shelf Package - 2 shelves 29" x 47"$74.50
HN-188' Back Shelf Package - 2 shelves 24" x 47"$69.50
Shelf pricing is plus freight to any chosen destination.

Black Polypropylene shade cloth filters out excess sunlight to reduce heat on hot summer days. Lower inside temperatures help protect your special plants and help prolong the life of your greenhouse panels. Reinforced, hemmed edges with grommets on the standard shade cloth make attachment and removal easy. Special order sizes are available.

Tie Down Kit  4 - 14" anchors$39.95
HN-11Tie Down Kit  2 - 14" anchors$19.95
HN-12Conservatory Tie Down Kit  4 - 30" anchors$49.959
HN-13Conservatory Tie Down Kit  2 - 30" anchors$25.50
HN-14Cold Frame Tie Down Kit  2 anchors $15.00
HV-90Black Shade Cloth  8' x 4'$26.95
HV-91Black Shade Cloth  8' x 10'$65.00
HV-92Black Shade Cloth  8' x 12'$79.50
HV-93Black Shade Cloth  8' x 16'$105.00
HV-94Black Shade Cloth  12' x 12'$119.50
HV-95Black Shade Cloth  12' x 16'$157.50
HV-100Silver Aluminet Shade Cloth 14'wide / per foot$8.00
Special order sizes are available - call for quotes

​Greenhouse Flooring is the perfect way to finish your greenhouse. Durable, black polypropylene flooring eliminates weeds from the floor of your greenhouse while allowing water to drain. Easy to install with wire stakes included.​

Shelving is designed to fit Solexx greenhouse bench frames and will support heavy plants in your greenhouse. The shelves are powder coated white.