• Easy to assemble with well written instructions.
  • May be installed on any flat level surface.
  • Frames are super-strong composite materials with steel connectors.
  • Built-in bench frames will support 500 lbs of distributed weight.
  • Super strong frames will not transfer heat or cold.
  • Able to withstand heavy snow and high winds.
  • Efficient use of space for lots of growing room.
  • Most standard kits can be (and are) shipped via UPS.
  • All the benefits of the Solexx material as described above.
Solexx™ greenhouse kits are really a pleasure to own and easy to use and maintain. They require an initial investment but should give you years of growing pleasure. Solexx™ greenhouse standard kits range in price from $1295.00 to around $8500.00. Depending on your climate and where you are able to locate your greenhouse you may need to consider the added costs of ventilation and possibly heating or cooling.
Some Solexx™ greenhouse kit benefits are:

The Greenhouse Kits - an overview

On the pages for the individual models you will find dimensions, pricing for descriptive information for each product.

We include the "Tie-down Kits" in our greenhouse packages as it is absolutely essential that the building be secured. If you have another method to anchor your greenhouse we are happy to leave them out and deduct them from the price.

Another feature that makes Solexx greenhouse kits different is the built-in bench frames that triple or quadruple the available growing space. The benches will hold over 250 pounds each, so it’s easy to overwinter or grow in large and heavy containers. With almost all other greenhouse kits, benches are a large additional expense. Full-length hanging rods are also included to overwinter hanging baskets.

We offer wire racks with a UV inhibitor included and custom made to fit the bench frames properly. These are included with the Deluxe pricing shown for each kit, however some may have sources for other racks or platforms or may not want shelves at all.