What makes Solexx Greenhouses different than others? 
Our specially formulated Solexx greenhouse panels are polyethylene and not polycarbonate. The material is manufactured with a special UV formulation for longevity. The covering is insulated to cut down heating and cooling costs, but most importantly, the transluscent quality of the plastic provides outstanding light diffusion in the greenhouse. University tests have shown that plants growth is accelerated by 25-30% under diffused light. Solexx also is one of the highest insulated greenhouse materials available, saving you money in heating costs. 

3.5 mm Solexx XP Polyethylene Panels & Rolls

5 mm Solexx PRO  Polyethylene Panels & Rolls
GSP-160-8Panel - 49.5" X 99"$55.00
GSP-240-8Panel - 49.5" x 99"$70.00
GSP- 160-12Panel - 49.5" x 146"$80.50
GSP-240-12Panel - 49.5" x 146"$103.00
GSP-160-4299Panel - 42" x 99"$45.40
GSP-240-4299Panel - 42" x 99"$58.00
GSP_160-42147Panel - 42" x 146"$68.50
GSP-240-42147Panel - 42" x 146"$87.50
GSR-160-CUTRoll 49.5" wide per foot$6.65
GSR-240-CUTRoll 49.5" wide per foot$8.44
GSR-160-900-CUTRoll 24.75" wide per foot$3.30
GSR-240-52-CUTRoll 52.25" wide per foot$8.91
GSR-160-400Roll 400 feet x 49.5" wide$2530.00
GSR-240-300Roll 300 feet x 49.5" wide$2385.00
GSR-160-900Roll 900 feet x 49.5" wide$5690.00
GSR-240-600Roll 600 feet x 49.5" wide$4770.00

GSR-240-52-300Roll 300 feet x 52.25" wide$2520.00
Lengths up to 150' of 3.5 mm Solexx XP may ship via UPS
Lengths up to 100' of 5 mm Solexx PRO may ship via UPS

Pricing in this table does not include shipping charges for drop ship orders or orders shipped to our location for will call.

Shipping quotes are readily available.

Application Accessories


1" Wood/PVC screws - white with neoprene washer




3/4" Self-Tapping screws - white with neoprene washer




1" Self-Tapping screws - white with neoprene washer




4' U-Trim




4' H-Channel




4' H-Channel Clips



GS-530Sililcone Caulkeach$8.00

With the sun setting behind the Oasis Greenhouse you can get a feel for the light diffusion within.

Superior Light Diffusion  Solexx is White For A Reason — it produces an even diffuse light proven to accelerate plant growth by 25%. The light glows evenly reaching into every corner of the greenhouse. More light for photosynthesis means more robust growth.

has several benefits for your plants, your greenhouse and your pocket book.  

The Insulation Factor Solexx is a fluted twin-wall material that provides better insulation from heat and cold than any other material that we're aware of.

Solexx is available in pre-cut panels in length of 99" or 147" or rolls that may be purchased by the foot. Up to 150' of the 3.5 mm Solexx can be shipped via UPS or Solexx may be purchased on a continuous roll up to 900 feet in length. 

Solexx In-Stock at Placer Greenhouse Pricing
GSR-160-CUTRoll 49.5" wide per foot - 3.5 mm$7.50
GSR-240-CUTRoll 49.5" wide per foot - 5 mm.$9.50

Solexx offers a 10 year warranty with an even longer life expectancy. It withstands snow, wind, and hail and won’t fade or yellow over time. Best of all it requires very little maintenance. Should you need to replace the Solexx paneling at some time, the panels are readily available and easy to replace.

Solexx Greenhouse Covering...